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JUSTIN BIEBER NET WORTH : $265 (Million) March 2018

Justin Biber Net Worth

JUSTIN BIEBER NET WORTH : $265 (Million) March 2018

Short Biography:

Justin Bieber is a Singer and song writer. His orignal name is “JUSTIN DREW BIEBER” and nick name is “JB and J_Beebs” . Justin is 24 year old born on 1/03/1994 in St Joseph’s Hospital.5.6 fit tall.

Education :

He is  Justin Bieber graduated from high school Stratford, Ontario’s Michael Catholic Secondary School in 2012 with a 4.0 GPA than Growing up, he learn to play (Piano, drum, guitar and trumpet) .  Justin siblings name are Jazmyn Bieber , Jaxon Bieber , Allie (step sister)


Awards      : won 221 music awards

Starting career:   2008 (12 years old)

Its song:     “One Time” reached number 12 during one week

Albums:                   (4 Studio albums, 5 compilation albums, 1 extend play, 29 singles and 17

Promotional singles)

Music style:   Pop

Total songs written by Justin Bieber:




  • Perform at WHITEHOUSE (2009)
  • Released Debut album (My world 2.0, 2010)
  • Starting posting video on you tube (2007)
  • Debut single released (“One time, 2009)
  • Released EP (“My World, 2009)


Starting career :     

Scooter Braun is YouTube manager find Justin Bieber through his YouTube video song in 2008 he sighed RBMG. In 2009 he become first artist to have seven song from debut record chart on Billboard Hot 100

JUSTIN BIEBER NET WORTH                   


Justin Bieber   Net Worth :    $265 (Million) March 2018

List of Assets given below

Lavish Mansion worth $10.8 (million) Rented house worth ($500, 00) per month

Home in Calabasas, California USA 1.28 acre


  1. Porsche 997 Turbo
  2. Ferrari 430
  3. Combs $200,000   (Gifted)
  4. Lamborghini Gallardo$200,000   (Gifted)
  5. Range Rover Evoque $ 160, 000
  6. Frisker Karma Hybrid car (Gifted)
  7. Cadillac CTS _V coupe
  8. Ferrari 458 Italia
  9. Ducati 848 Eva
  10. Mercedes Ben 2 Sprinter van $37,285
  11. Black Rang rover

Source of earning

  • By you tub views ($14.43)
  • Per concert ($7.1 million)
  • By film “Never says Never” ($ 3 million)
  • By album ($ 7.1 million)


                                          Per Year Earning ($60 to $ 80 million)

Investment fund:

Bieber‘s Manager Scooter Braun head s ($120 million)


Justin Bieber make a lot of Money touring

Justin baby singer has been on three world tour .All done exceptionally well.

First tour “My World” which ran from (2010to 2011) grossed $ 53.3 million According to    Forbes. (Shows 35)

The Believe tour supported his third album by same name and ranked in $69.9 million. Shows (122)

His last and most current tour .The purpose world tour, for his fourth Studio Album (“purpose”) ranked in $250 million according to Billboard. Shows (58)

Endorsement Deals:

Music is not only factor behind Justin Bieber net worth in 2010 he struck a $3 million endorsement deal with skin care line proactive   which was beginning of his presence in beauty industry.

In 2012 he earn $3 million in royalties from his first Fragrance someday _which Brock as bestselling celebrity   fragrance Launch in Macy’s history and  In 2015 Justin Bieber sighed Calvin Klein brand with Modal Lara stone.

Justin Bieber Awards:

He received 2 Brite awards.

1 Bambi award.

12 American Music awards.

20 teen choice awards.

22 MTV awards Europe awards.

1 Grammy award.

14 Guinness world record as well.


And numerous fan voted award


 Justin Bieber Philanthropy

Of course many celebrities do charity work

Justin Bieber has done huge amount of charity work also helped the (children Miracle Hospital) by perform benefit concert and donated portion of the proceeds from some of his albums to them. Helping other charity work like Pencils of Promise.

He has been pushing his fans to just give what they can, even mentioning charity is some of his song. Bieber support creative Art, Education, Health, Human right Literacy, Philanthropy and  Sports also supports movement that fight AIDS and Poverty. Justin Bieber has hectic schedule and many social Obligation .he get philanthropy Award at (2011)


10 facts about Justin Bieber:

  • Write in left hand.
  • He speak French fluently.
  • His father is former and MMA fighter.
  • He visit all mall in every city he tour in.
  • Favorite move is “The lion king”.
  • If he was not a singer he become an Architect.
  • Usher is a singer started his career.
  • After he cut his hair, he auctioned it for $1200 on eBay. It sold for about $40,000
  • He can solve Rubix cube less than 2 minutes.
  • Favorite breakfast is Berry captain Crunched.

Justin Bieber favorite thing :

  • Singer’s : Michael Jackson, Stevie, and Usher.
  • Perfume : Justin Bieber The key.
  • Sport: Hockey, Basketball.
  • Number: 6.
  • Pet: American Bulldog.
  • Restaurant: Time Hortense.
  • Book: Fledgling: Jason Steed by Mark A
  • Food: Spaghetti.








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