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LADY GAGA NET WORTH : $275 million

Lady Gaga Net worth

LADY GAGA NET WORTH : $275 million

Personality :

Name :Lady gaga

Lady gaga is a pop star singer.

She is 32 year old

She born on 28 March 1986

Lady gaga sign is Aries

She born on New York

Gaga  is singer song written and actor

Her height is 1.55 and weight is 49 kg  or 108 pounds

She  is in a relationship


Lady gaga have American nationality


Lady gaga education is started in school Juilliard school in Manhattan but instead attend a private Catholic school in city and start study in New York university

The lady  play piano in the age 4 year

The lady gaga studying the music and performing piano in the age of 14 in nightclub

She study about music and work hard than write songs

Personal information :


Lady gaga mother name is Cynthia Germanotta who helped of daughter she motivated him and inspire the talent about the music She is always ready to help the gaga

Lady gaga mother born on 9 August 1957

Gaga father name is Joe Germanotta she is very attached to own father he always motivated to own daughter father date of birth is 9 August 1957  his mother and father Like to each other

The Gaga started his carrier in the age of 14 she is very talented leady she was enrolled new York state university

She is not married yet but in a relationship with Christian Carino


Gaga annual salary is 3’63’17’50’733.00

Lady  monthly salary is 30’26’45’894.42

Gaga weekly salary is 6’98’41’36.25

Lady  daily salary is 1’39’68’272.05

Popular in audience

She is very good pop star singer and also write songs  and sing a songs and very talented lady

She is singer and earn huge money in the profession of singing

Her profession is singing and very popular behalf of singing

She is very popular and huge people’s are too much like

She is very attractive and beautiful leady

Her personality is very impressive

She is most power full woman in world

She is very popular in audience behalf of strong performance

Personal life

She is engagement with Christian Carino  and she is very emotional about the relationship

Her  boy friend is the Hollywood agent

Firstly she engagement with Chicago fire actor Taylor Kinney but after five year it was reported that couple grouped and than Gaga get engaged with the agent of Hollywood Christian Carino

The lady gaga engagement in the current year 2018

About profession

She is worked on singing America she is the American singer and most famous in America and all people’s are impress the singing of  gaga

Lady  serial features in movies and commercial having sold 27 million single as of January 2016

She is best selling music artist

The sold more than one million copies within five days

The fastest single on iTunes

She is the queen of singing The fame was a huge success

Lady  in 2016 performed national anthem at super returned bowl 50

Real name of lady gaga

Real name of lady gaga is Stefani  Jocinne   Angelina Germanotta


Lady gaga net worth $275 million


Gaga expending on charity organisation to help orphan children They also help and supports the wellness of young people she is kinder :


She is creative woman and she is fashion artist she is singer and also performs own daily activities she is very sincere of own profession  gaga professional life is too much busy


Her passion is people’s are remember as a good singer she leads the pop culture because she attract the people’s and increase the followers and fans


She performs live concert and achieve great fame Gaga performs the concerts ‘ festivals concerts and she also perform the awards show she attends the 30 awards  show’ concert tours 6’ festival concert 1 ‘promotional concert 2


She is most Power full celebrity in the world social media is reflection of love

Hit songs list

Gaga hit many songs

The hit songs list below

Poker face

Bad romance

Million reasons

A_ yo

You and I

Love game


She received many awards and nominations for the contribution to the music industry  Lady  fame is starting in 2008 she nominated for six Grammy award including albums of the year the fame monster released in 2009  The music video behalf thirteen nominations 2010 Mtv videos she won three best pop vocal album

Movies lists

Gaga is most famous personality her movies is too good and famous

The  gaga movies list is below there

A star is born

Machete kills

Div foot two

Sin city : A dame to kill for

A very gaga thanksgiving

These movies are reasons of  gaga popularity :

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